Jul 8, 2012

Nate saw my 2 Mamiya 7s and asked “Hey are you shooting for Manual for Speed?” It was the first time someone recognized me at the races. And it was extra cool that it was one of the racers. Turns out Nate is a photographer himself and a big fan of MFS, so we chatted with him about his experience at Speed Week. He found himself talking to the concrete several times that week. He had crashed out of this race when I took this portrait.


Location: Beaufort, SC
Date: 1 May 2012
Time: 9:57 PM
Race: Beaufort Memorial Cycling Classic

I showed up to Speed Week with a broken wrist and some scrapes after getting plowed into by a Buick the day before my flight out… so things weren’t too hot to begin with, as far as my body’s integrity. Anyway, let’s just say my crit skills were not quite up to par at the start of the week, at least when it came to accident-avoidance. I took a brief skitter on the second day at Roswell in a corner after getting chopped and rolling a tire, but it didn’t seem to affect me much in the way of form.—Nate King

We talked to Competitive Cyclist’s Nate King at Speed Week. We’ll be featuring him in the coming weeks (here’s a spoiler: it got worse for him). A Manual for Speed

(via manualforspeed)